Sunday, April 20, 2008

2:21 in the AM

and I'm not sleepy. I've been on and off this weird sleeping schedule for awhile now. The other day when I was awakened from my 3-hour nap in the afternoon for a scheduled work out, fast as lightening, I just snatched up my blanket over my head and blocked out the world. And sleep reclaimed.

Maybe this sleeping cycle is what has been giving me some of my weird dreams lately?
But then again, I regularly remember my dreams. They're usually unusual and in full Technicolor.

I have a feeling though I won't be dreaming about cooing turtledoves soon. I closed the windows extra tight just for them :)

As an aside: If ever you are trying to remember your dreams in the early morning right when you wake up, try not to move! Staying still is key. Besides, surely we can all use a little more rest in the morning. I read that a very famous chef of our times (who is known for his cursing and very deep wrinkles) eats his breakfast before bedtime to save himself 15 minutes of shut-eye in the morning.

Saturday, April 19, 2008

My Crazy Dream This Morning

Around 8:45am today, some stupid turtle doves woke me up with their rather loud cooing on my window sill -- windows were open but screen up, thank goodness. I was still tired, so I fell back asleep. Betwen then and 9:30am, I dreamt that the turtle doves had babies on my sill and they were cooing too. The cooing so disturbed my-dream-self that my-dream-self flicked off the dream baby turtle doves from the sill, where they left big wet spots. When I woke up to my cell phone alarm, I was kind of worried and so I went over to the window sill to look. No babies on or below :)