Friday, March 28, 2008

No more raw!

I think it was pretty easy to see by day 3, yesterday, that I cannot handle the raw food diet. At least not now. I've been getting so very antsy with the huge restriction on food. The worst thing was I thought about food even more than I normally do, which is a lot!

I am a little sad that this diet died so quietly. Maybe the lesson here is that I am an adamant creature of comfort, at least food-wise. Rather than telling myself that I can't have stuff, maybe I'll allow my body what it craves and live to 100 rather than 125 :)

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Day 2 of "Raw" Food

got a raw deal. I didn't actually eat any raw foods :) That was a smile for guilt, not pleasure. Well maybe guilty pleasure since it was really good cooked food. But all that food was cooked food I already had that I was supposed to have anyway. Oh boy. That sounded like guilt if I ever did hear of any! Well, since my stock of cooked food is dwindling, I suppose only time will tell whether there will be day 3 of raw food or this diet is already over. Oh boy oh boy!

So today, I had

No breakfast = forgot to eat breakfast due to early morning meeting)
11:00AM Brunch = 2 cans of hearty beef soup (240x2=480Cal)
6:00PM Dinner = 1 slice of yellow cheese (70Cal), 1 cup of noodle soup (290Cal), 1 bag of steamed veggie buns (600Cal)

1440Cal is total intake.

Tune in again tomorrow folks.

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Day 1 of Raw Food

I got up nice and early at 7:30am. And thus started my first day of raw foods.

~8am Breakfast = 1 medium-sized banana
12:30p Lunch= 1 large Golden Delicious and 1 small red, pie apple
5:30p Dinner= 12oz of tomato and eggs, 18oz of asparagus and pork, 1 cup instant Lunch maruchan noodles and 0.5oz Stella parmesan cheese.

Yeah :( Dinner didn't go quite as planned. Even though I was planning to finish the rest of the cooked food from my fridge, the load was much more than appropriate. I just got so hungry in the afternoon. Looks like I gotta pack better snacks than just apples. The first apple was great, crisp and sweet. The second apple was alright -- after that larger than fist-sized Golden Delicious apple though, I could not eat anymore apple, especially since the apple was warming up to room temperature from fridge temperature this morning.

I also had another weak moment at lunch, when I dreamt of dancing gyros with big fat mounds of sour cream and toasty warm pita bread. Oh boy!

So my score on this first day was one temptation conquered and one succumbed.
Onwards to day two!

Moral for day 1: There's a reason that the just ONE apple a day keeps the doctor away. It seems like that more than one may spur a rebellion from the body and yield a tummy ache! VARIETY is the spice of life.

Monday, March 24, 2008

New Season, New Times, New Habits, New Crowds

It's SPRING!!!
Yay for longer days and more sunlight. I can already see my hair sun-bleaching to a cheeky shade of deep auburn.

I'm getting out of hibernation as the weather is more inviting. And going outside definitely is a morale booster. Perhaps the best thing of all is going into stores again and seeing what things I'd like to buy.

I had always like clothes shopping, but after such a sedentary spell of sitting and working at a desk, I've gained much more weight than I should ever be allowed to. So much so that clothes shopping is no longer the shiny sparkly motivator at the end of a long tunnel of work.

That said, venturing into the shops also has a motivating effect of its own.

Because I truly do enjoy swimming between the racks, I've decided to go on a raw food diet to make the swim more enjoyable. I will start after I've finished eating the cooked food in the fridge. No definite end date in sight. We will see how I survive it.

My inspiration is Carol Alt, retired mannequin and recent reality TV star, who is looking fabulous at 50.

According to what I've read online, the raw food diet consists of
- veggies
- fruits
- nuts
- nothing cooked above 116degF (which rules out usual meats and eggs)

Out of all the articles that I read about eating raw foods,
this one offers the most advice -- from one who has tried it for 30 days
this one is the funniest -- "microwaved bacon" anyone?

I anticipate that my little food adventures will begin sometimes between middle of this week, which is rapidly approaching, to the weekend. And for as long as possible, without developing noticeable health deficits, I will continue my raw food experiment and hopefully report the results here :)

Here's to hopefully some happy eating. According to some sources, one can eat ~8.5 lbs of food per day on a raw food diet. That sounds like a lot of food to me. And a lot of food is just fine by me! Just looking at the images below makes me drool a little, which seems like a very promising start to me :)