Monday, April 16, 2012

Bike ride Monday 4/16/2012 after a really good day at work

Gelato from Italy (via Target)

tiramisu powder of gelato

tiramisue gelato with frydaddy in back

first bite of tiramisu gelato

$70 telescope at Toys R Us

Mint colored gum

gorgeous backdrop from windows ad

ugly Mercedes Benz, looks european

balloons walking across parking lot, out of the party store, Golf Mills, east of Milwaukee

Russian Blue at PetsMart Golf Mills

Adoption info

Adoption form

Black shorthair






Russian Blue holding court

Russian Blue Top Right, Black shorthair Bottom Left

Siblano crystal and furniture

Apple Red and Bubblegum Pink bikes at Target

carriages for Bike ~120$

Out of Target, on the way back to my apt. Amazing sunlit clouds. Start of photo stream below.