Wednesday, February 21, 2007


What I wouldn't give to have some velvety gelato right now. There are probably two places that I like best to idle away time -- grocery stores and gelaterias. The selection is dizzying! Gelato is like a cup of pure summer. To have the real stuff off the streets of Rome would be out of this world. Well, actually, I'd probably walk around Rome and snack on gelato all day long :) Since I have no trips planned, the next best thing is a nice little place called Caffe Gelato not far away from me. Will have to make a visit and report back.

Monday, February 19, 2007

Round and Round

we go, just like the Sugarbabes song. Except in this case, instead of popstars dancing with guys in a glamorous music video, it's me and my boys -- Drake, Grant, Nolte. -sigh- :/ What a wonderful world indeed. But life would be so much more fun with a soundtrack. What else should go on mine?

Lyrics (Round Round)
When I go round, baby round round
Spend the night on me

I don't need no man

Got my kicks for free(Free free free free)

When your still in my face

You're messing with my brain

If you're trying to resist me

Then you better think again

If you move to my music

The music's got to give

If I'm too complicated

That's the way

I want to live

Saturday, February 17, 2007


A mini-garden just for you :) If there's anything that makes me smile on even the coldest, snowiest, wintery day, it's gorgeous flowers in bloom. I share these with you, dear reader. They smell great too :)

Thursday, February 15, 2007

You know?

It's a sad day when hitting well above the pass level and getting a damn high percentage is not good enough on an exam. I normally don't talk about school stuff here because medicine isn't as glamorous as Grey's Anatomy pretends, but it is a sad day worth noting :( Sadly. The next exam block will be a city block long and fast and furious.

These days, I am eating too much, dressing frumpily, and gorging myself in books or the internet. What a healthy existance. Don't try this at home, kids and older kids.

Alright, enough complaining! It has been a long time since I blogged, and fun did visit from time to time.

Last October, I went out with friends from my floor to Cafe Iberico -- que magnifico! I salute the Spaniards that came up with tapas and sangria :) Here is the group at the restaurant, next to a most delightful wall of china figurines and wares; next is the trio of roommates, dubbable as "shortest, shorter, and short" or "brown, tan, and yellow."

Aren't these flowers some beauties below? I had roses in my hair several months ago, reprising a style I did a few years ago. I've been thinking whether stargazer lilies are even better than red velvety roses and did my first time lapse series (w lilies). Although I didn't stand at the exact same spot each time, I did have the presence of mind to keep the light conditions similar. If the series looks a fraction as delicious as the lilies smelled, I'll be quite pleased.