Thursday, January 29, 2009

My skin is my armor


I never before realized this until this past month, when my skin was literally peeling off my hands. I was paralyzed from doing anything at all. Touching anything was painful. I wore gloves all day long. I planned my moves so as to minimize washing my hands. I lotioned up every hour on the hour. And nothing seemed to bring much relief.

The doctor I saw was nice, but had nothing to offer than a fancy term for dry skin "dyshydrotic eczema" and some steroid cream for any itching, with the warning that it could make my skin even thinner, which I promptly vetoed. I could stand the itching, what little there was, but needed what little skin that was left on my hands!

I figured out that it was possibly a vitamin deficiency and the resulting weak skin and my allergic nature brewed up some contact dermatitis.

So with a daily dose of complete vitamins, gloves on, and lots of lotion and hair conditioner (for in the shower), I could only wait patiently until a new layer of skin grew in underneath the old.

And alas, I am cured, going on 3 weeks now :) I can type. I can turn pages. I can hold things. I can stop wearing gloves! During the recovery period, I can truly say that was an eye-opening experience of just how valuable is good, strong skin. Respect.