Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Looking back on intern year (10/12 months in)

Life as a first year resident (training post medical school) was tough at first, but much better now that I understand my job better and have gotten used to my duties. Every month is a new rotation. Is month I am in oncology. This entire year is inpatient internal medicine for me, except for 3 months of elective rotations, when I am allowed to take 1 week of vacation during each of them.

I work at a community hospital affiliated with universities. That is one of the best decisions I made because I get the benefit of academic flavor but work a more reasonable number of hours than interns at academic centers.

Next year, I will work as a neurology resident at an academic center, the start of 3 years total. Luckily I have already setup a place to live that is walking distance to the beach and will be able to walk to work, as I am doing now in the suburbs.

And now let's start the picture show:

2011-09-15 19.02.43 Halloween Candy in Target store

2011-10-02 11.12.44 backyard flowers in the fall
2011-10-02 11.13.56 backyard of my apt

2011-10-14 17.18.33 inside Metra train from suburbs to Chicago
2011-10-21 17.20.28 biking to Park

2011-10-21 17.56.53 Living Rm of My apt

2011-10-21 18.22.42 out the front window of my apt

2011-10-25 17.33.39 my new cakebox

2011-10-25 23.31.49 I eat an apple everyday on morning walk to work
2011-10-27 10.57.23 two-layer chocolate cake with rose cream inside
2011-10-27 11.05.32 people like my cake

2011-10-27 17.02.09 Halloween decorations at a festive house

2011-10-27 21.12.09 two-layer cake, frosting like an Oreo cookie

2011-10-28 11.02.23 two-layer cake, frosting like an ice cream sandwich

2011-10-28 11.25.32 two-layer cake, fully frosted and sprinkles on top

2011-12-11 15.51.09 new punching bag in my apt (have to exercise with all the cake!)
2011-11-05 12.07.03 Chicago downtown near Tribune Building

2011-11-05 12.08.07 Chicago downtown Marilyn Monroe statue and Tribune Building

2011-11-05 19.28.53 Lyric Opera Main Floor and Stage

2011-11-26 12.06.18 Thanksgiving turkey by my dad

2011-11-26 12.06.41 dad with Thanksgiving turkey on the table
2011-11-27 21.59.56 this ticket didn't win, but USA lottery drawing in March 2012 awarded $640 million

2011-11-29 16.09.14 parking lot between between clinic (brown) and hospital (not seen)

2011-11-29 16.10.33 lake near work

2011-12-01 17.52.30 Christmas decorations in north Chicagoland

2011-12-07 10.45.09 drink station at free meal for employee appreciation day

2011-12-10 19.15.21 my parents at Lyric Opera for Magic Flute by Mozart

2011-12-10 19.17.31 my mom and I at Lyric Opera for Magic Flute

2011-12-10 22.58.00 Christmas decorations at Chicago's Daley Plaza

2011-12-10 22.58.00 Chicago elevated train

2011-12-25 12.16.00 Christmas meal at my parent's table

2011-12-25 19.20.28 my parents at Hollywood Palms theme movie theater

2011-12-25 19.22.43 we saw War Horse, a really good movie

2011-12-25 22.21.43 Egyptian room at Hollywood Palms Theater (every room has a different theme, we sat in the Wizard of Oz room for War Horse. Oz room didn't photograph well)

2011-12-25 22.22.40 front entrance at Hollywood Palms Theater

2011-12-25 22.23.10 front entrance (continued) at Hollywood Palms Theater

2012-01-19 17.34.37 I was awarded Peach of the Day (for being pleasant) by other residents in the Intensive Care Unit

2012-01-26 22.06.33 I made a name tag holder that reads Grade A Peach Grower for the resident who made the Peach of the Day tag

2012-01-28 15.20.22 play lot at Woodfield shopping mall in Shaumberg

2012-01-28 15.20.22 monkey, Rainforest Cafe, Woodfield shopping mall in Shaumberg

2012-01-28 15.46.28 fish tank at Rainforest Cafe

2012-01-28 16.35.05 Rainforest Cafe front entrance

2012-01-28 16.35.45 Rainforest Cafe front

2012-02-11 15.11.57 wine from Moldova (a country in southeast Europe)

2012-02-25 18.16.49 Ma Po restaurant (Sichuan food) the 3 bright stars in the sky are the crescent Moon, bright Venus, less bright Jupiter (top)

2012-03-02 18.59.58 green tea ice cream from Chinese buffet restaurant

2012-03-04 16.22.58 my parents at home with new orchids from a flower show

2012-03-04 16.28.14 parents with orchid

2012-03-10 17.36.00 Millennium Park skating rink and The Bean, officially Cloud Gate statue

2012-03-10 17.38.30 a person wearing the number 1 costume walking across the street in downtown Chicago

2012-03-10 18.04.05 Chicago near Union Station

2012-03-16 17.40.33 Chicago near Daley Plaza on St. Patrick's Day

2012-03-16 17.41.06 Chicago's Picasso Statue in Daley Plaza

2012-03-16 17.42.50 Chicago Daley Plaza fountain dyed green for St. Patrick's Day (Chicago River also dyed green, but not too visible in photos)

2012-03-16 18.40.27 Chicago low-level roof-top view

2012-03-20 18.37.23 Chicago State St Argo Tea brewing room

2012-03-20 18.41.31 macaroon from Argo Tea

2012-03-21 09.49.07 lakefront Chicago across from Millennium and Grant Park

2012-03-21 09.50.11 sparkly water lakefront Chicago

2012-03-21 10.29.40 Ohio St Beach Chicago

2012-03-21 10.30.09 me walking on Ohio St Beach Chicago

2012-03-21 10.46.01 Ohio St Beach bike rental stand Chicago

2012-03-21 10.54.36 Ohio St Beach looking from Pfc Milton Olive Park

2012-03-22 18.52.31 Milano pizza from Caffe Bacci, my favorite mid-price restaurant

2012-03-23 16.32.46 flowers outside my apartment's main office

2012-03-24 14.23.50 giant lollipop club

2012-03-24 14.33.48 giant lollipop club 2

2012-03-27 21.59.31 example of call schedule

2012-03-31 15.41.17 best friends key chains

2012-04-06 12.07.09 duck cookie from Lutheran General Hospital Friday before Easter 4-8-2012

2012-04-07 13.00.15 my dad eyeing rabbit-shaped chocolate at ALDI grocery store day before Easter