Thursday, February 15, 2007

You know?

It's a sad day when hitting well above the pass level and getting a damn high percentage is not good enough on an exam. I normally don't talk about school stuff here because medicine isn't as glamorous as Grey's Anatomy pretends, but it is a sad day worth noting :( Sadly. The next exam block will be a city block long and fast and furious.

These days, I am eating too much, dressing frumpily, and gorging myself in books or the internet. What a healthy existance. Don't try this at home, kids and older kids.

Alright, enough complaining! It has been a long time since I blogged, and fun did visit from time to time.

Last October, I went out with friends from my floor to Cafe Iberico -- que magnifico! I salute the Spaniards that came up with tapas and sangria :) Here is the group at the restaurant, next to a most delightful wall of china figurines and wares; next is the trio of roommates, dubbable as "shortest, shorter, and short" or "brown, tan, and yellow."

Aren't these flowers some beauties below? I had roses in my hair several months ago, reprising a style I did a few years ago. I've been thinking whether stargazer lilies are even better than red velvety roses and did my first time lapse series (w lilies). Although I didn't stand at the exact same spot each time, I did have the presence of mind to keep the light conditions similar. If the series looks a fraction as delicious as the lilies smelled, I'll be quite pleased.

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