Sunday, February 05, 2006

Chocolate Bar on Lafayette Square

As a chocolate lover (you should see my door), I can't believe that I haven't been here before. Other than the 40-minute wait, the CB was divine. There were 6-ft tall table-side torches for dim lighting and every kind of chocolatey martini you can think of. The Bailey's martinis are my favorite. Just for fun, I also recommend checking out their bathrooms -- even if you don't need to go, just make a quick trip to look at the chic red and gold decor.

ching, ching!

posing the chocolate cake

head of the table

why do i have 2 watches on? hmm... let's make this multiple choice.
a) i collect watches
b) i have trouble reading analog watches
c) one of them does not work
d) everyone else is doing it

smoking a chocolate roll

my door, half covered in chocolate wrappers, all of which contained chocolate that i personally ate :)


Anonymous said...

my guess would be either you started collecting watches or still can't read analog watches :p
i'm teasing!

much love,

R said...

ha! you better be :)