Sunday, November 25, 2007

Fat or Muscle

weighs more?
Or is this just a density issue?

On the latest episode of the show that pits "beauties" against "geeks," the cigar model (girl) and the owner of 10,000 comics (boy) were arguing about this precise issue. How very a propos for a little post-Turkey banter, eh? :)

Comic-boy claimed that fat and muscle weigh the same, and it's just a density issue, in which muscle is denser than fat. Cigar modelette countered that muscle does indeed weigh more than fat.

Hmm, well ....

If something is MORE DENSE, then that would mean that it has more mass divided by volume, which would mean that for the same volume, the denser stuff would ALSO WEIGH MORE.

And if something WEIGHS MORE than something else, then something would have to have more mass, which can be achieved by the something being more dense or there being just such a large volume of the something that the sheer amount of the something overwhelms a denser competitor. In short, something that WEIGHS MORE is ALSO MORE DENSE than something else of comparable volume.

Thus reason would indicate that for comparable volume of stuff, MORE DENSE and WEIGHS MORE are inseparable!

Same concept is shown at this link below, but with more sources

Cigar modellete and comic-boy, you're BOTH right or wrong, depending on what kind of people you are :)

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