Friday, November 09, 2007

What goes up must come down

even if we're talking about the weather. Or especially when we talk about the weather.

Autumn has finally come to stay in earnest. Summer was nice while it lasted, but the temperature had to turn south ... er, north... sometime.

I'm loving this autumnal weather during the day, but am feeling the cold at night.
I like the cold air to breathe at night, but do not like the rest of my body to be cold.
I like to snuggle in bed to keep warm, but do not like to fall asleep. But that's another story!

A dash of yin and a dash of yang. Just like a a book my college roommate gave me -- it's her own work and a limited edition. Thanks Old Roomie! You cheer up my day.

And I do need some cheering up as this studying is making my hair fall out a little more than usual. Have been organizing study objectives though, which helps: Cross our fingers and cross out toes, look above and look below <-- that's good for the neck :)

And now I leave you with this: The yin and yang of autumnal leaves and their ghostly twins in the water.

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