Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Day 1 of Raw Food

I got up nice and early at 7:30am. And thus started my first day of raw foods.

~8am Breakfast = 1 medium-sized banana
12:30p Lunch= 1 large Golden Delicious and 1 small red, pie apple
5:30p Dinner= 12oz of tomato and eggs, 18oz of asparagus and pork, 1 cup instant Lunch maruchan noodles and 0.5oz Stella parmesan cheese.

Yeah :( Dinner didn't go quite as planned. Even though I was planning to finish the rest of the cooked food from my fridge, the load was much more than appropriate. I just got so hungry in the afternoon. Looks like I gotta pack better snacks than just apples. The first apple was great, crisp and sweet. The second apple was alright -- after that larger than fist-sized Golden Delicious apple though, I could not eat anymore apple, especially since the apple was warming up to room temperature from fridge temperature this morning.

I also had another weak moment at lunch, when I dreamt of dancing gyros with big fat mounds of sour cream and toasty warm pita bread. Oh boy!

So my score on this first day was one temptation conquered and one succumbed.
Onwards to day two!

Moral for day 1: There's a reason that the just ONE apple a day keeps the doctor away. It seems like that more than one may spur a rebellion from the body and yield a tummy ache! VARIETY is the spice of life.