Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Day 2 of "Raw" Food

got a raw deal. I didn't actually eat any raw foods :) That was a smile for guilt, not pleasure. Well maybe guilty pleasure since it was really good cooked food. But all that food was cooked food I already had that I was supposed to have anyway. Oh boy. That sounded like guilt if I ever did hear of any! Well, since my stock of cooked food is dwindling, I suppose only time will tell whether there will be day 3 of raw food or this diet is already over. Oh boy oh boy!

So today, I had

No breakfast = forgot to eat breakfast due to early morning meeting)
11:00AM Brunch = 2 cans of hearty beef soup (240x2=480Cal)
6:00PM Dinner = 1 slice of yellow cheese (70Cal), 1 cup of noodle soup (290Cal), 1 bag of steamed veggie buns (600Cal)

1440Cal is total intake.

Tune in again tomorrow folks.