Sunday, January 01, 2012

News from before New Year's Day 2012

2011 was a productive year for me: I interviewed for jobs doctor finished my medical studies, and started my new job. Interviews with American students in Medicine involves traveling around the country. My travels took me to from East Coast to West Coast, and I took a detour to Hawaii for the annual meeting of the Academy of Neurology. But the matching process (The Match) by chance put me near my parents. Working as a doctor (versus a medical student) was scary the first 3 months, but less and less as time passes. Last weekend, when I went home for Christmas, my parents and I went to see War Horse by Steven Spielberg - I highly recommend this film beautifully shot and romantic about the First World War.

Brooklyn Bridge from Manhattan NYC Jan 2011.jpg

Church on Brown University campus.jpg

orange in parking lot of Barrow Neurological Institute at Phoenix, AZ.jpg

Santa Monica Boardwalk near UCLA.jpg

Santa Monica near UCLA looking towards mountains.jpg

Art Institute of Chicago, lighted grand staircase 4-28-11 ~6pm.jpg

Art Institute of Chicago, lighted grand staircase 4-28-11 ~6pm (closeup).jpg

Coral reef at Kualoa Oahu and the Chinaman's Hat Island.jpg

From Here to Eternity (1953 movie) site of famous kissing scene by Lancaster and Kerr in the iconic beach scene at Halona Cove, Oahu, Hawaii..jpg

Pink pineaple at Dole Farm in Oahu Hawaii.jpg

Portuguese Man of War (Physalia physalis), a siphonophore, cousin of jellyfish, on Kualoa beach.jpg

San Andreas fault 4-16-11~6pm, no earthquake.jpg

San Francisco July 2011.jpg

The Promonary Point, University of Chicago campus, looking towards downtown Chicago.jpg

my old apt at med school on a beautiful day in April 2011.jpg

MD graduation 2011.jpg

shopping after work.jpg